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Wei Ting Woo  (InnerAlchemist).jpg
Wei Ting Woo

Integrative Counselor, Hypnotherapist, Systemic Coach and Sound therapist with an extensive and versatile background and foundation: a Master’s degree in Law, Integrative Coaching, Counseling and Hypnotherapy degree of the Dutch Academy of Psychotherapy, Systemic Work (family constellations) of Phoenix Opleidingen and working experience at multiple startups and scale-ups in various roles from international project manager to legal investment manager. Currently I am also connected the Dutch Academy of Psychotherapy as trainer. 

In my work I bridge the conscious and the subconscious world.

With my multidimensional experience in the professional work field and within the areas of personal and spiritual development,

I offer a broad point of view and frame of reference which helps in illuminating challenges and opportunities from different angles, discovering new perspectives and bringing you into action towards your goals.

Because of my evolution to living more in tune with my intuition and happiness, I have the wish to share this and help you on your path to living life in a fulfilling way with acceptance and self love, expressing this and implementing it in your day to day life.

My mission is to help you become your own inner alchemist and to live your life in your fullest potential and expression of your authentic self.

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